What are the causes of lower back pain?

Lower back pain manifests as a result of compromised tissues. An array of different tissues is responsible for this pain. However, research indicates that the specific tissues that induce lower back pain are extremely difficult to identify in the majority of patients. In fact, such specific “problem” tissues cannot be identified in upwards of 80 percent of patients who suffer from lower back pain. As a result, it is quite difficult to pinpoint the exact tissue that is responsible for the pain.

When specific tissues can’t be identified as the source of back pain, the patient is said to suffer from what medical professionals describe as non-specific lower back pain. Though the precise tissues responsible for lower back pain cannot always be pinpointed, chiropractic doctors have found several factors that are commonly present in patients who suffer from such pain. Examples of such factors range from patients’ poor postural habits/techniques to deconditioned spinal musculature, vertebral subluxations and beyond.

If a chiropractor is able to successfully address the factors listed above, the underlying causes of the tissue injury can be successfully treated. In such an instance, patients almost always enjoy reduced pain. In some instances, the vast majority of the lower back pain is relieved.

Structures That are Common Sources of Lower Back Pain

Various parts of the spine are often the true source of lower back pain. These structures include sacroiliac joints, lumbar intervertebral discs, lumbar/sacral spine nerves, lumbar/pelvic muscles and ligaments and lumbar facet joints.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

An onset of lower back pain often occurs after an individual fails to obtain proper or periodic alignments to the r diet, use ergonomically flawed equipment for long periods of time or endure repetitive torsal motions stand a good chance of developing lower back pain. Jack hammer operators, truck drivers and others who are regularly exposed to vibratory forces are also commonly afflicted by lower back pain. In some individuals, fallen foot arches and various foot abnormalities can result in lumbar pain.