The Important Relationship Between Chiropractors and Medical Doctors

There is an important relationship that chiropractors have with medical doctors that many might not understand. While, yes, the roles of a chiropractor and medical doctor are different in how they care for their patients, the way in which they work together have an extreme benefit to patients for one simple reason:

Both the medical doctor and the chiropractor play an important role in the overall health of their patients, and share the same goal of making them well, with as little pain as possible.


As a leading chiropractor in the Parkland, Coconut Creek, and entire West Broward area, Bofshever Wellness Center helps patients of all ages achieve wellness through chiropractic care. As a former athlete and bodybuilder, BWC owner and founder, Dr. Harley, sees a lot of sports injuries, car accident injuries and hears a lot of complaints about general aches and pains.


As a chiropractor in south Florida, I am faced with the beautiful task of helping patients live their best and healthiest lives through the practice of chiropractic adjustments and maintaining healthy lifestyle,” Dr. Harley says. “When we combine that care with the advice and collaboration of a medical doctor, it’s like we’ve just doubled our patient’s ability to heal and feel well.


Here are 3 reasons why chiropractic care and medical care, together, may be the ideal remedy for your health:


Chiropractors can make critical referrals to medical doctors

Let’s say you have sustained minor car accident injuries in Fort Lauderdale, and you’ve got some aches and pains that just won’t go away. Your Florida personal injury attorney will likely refer to you a chiropractor to help minimize your pain – when there could be a lot more trouble that lurks beneath the surface, requiring surgical attention rather than just chiropractic care.  Chiropractors should be experts in recognizing abnormal findings in the initial chiropractic consult, obtaining history and exam findings to determine if the patient should seek medical care. At Bofshever Wellness Center, we don’t want to put a bandaid on your pain – we want to make it go away – which means we happily refer patients to medical specialists should they need it, instead of insisting we can fix the problems you face on our own.


You may need less medicine

If you see a medical doctor for the pain from your rotator cuff injury, you’ll likely get a prescription for pills. If you see a medical doctor who collaborates with chiropractors, however, you’re likely to get the name of a trusted chiropractor who can help you relieve that pain from the source. While prescription pain medication can provide temporary relief from your injuries, it does not fix the underlying issues like only a chiropractor can for non-surgical muscular issues.


Holistic wellness is a lasting trend

Twenty years ago, as everyone in the continental United States jumped on the yoga/green juice/meditation bandwagons, chiropractors sat back nodding in silence. Wellness has been our gig all along, finding ways to help you feel your best through chiropractic adjustments and living a wellness-centered life. Now that the wellness trend is here to stay, many doctors who appreciate a more holistic approach to modern medicine visit chiropractors themselves to help them stay in alignment.


The practice of Chiropractic, after all, is based on the notion that the relationship between the body’s structure (primarily that of the spine) and its function (as coordinated by the nervous system) affects health. And if it affects your health, it only makes sense that medical doctors open their arms to chiropractors, to help patients achieve maximum wellness from the inside out.

At Bofshever Wellness Center in Coconut Creek, we have your back so you can keep moving forward.